Our vision

Empowering brands with actionable insights

Derived by big data, we bring intelligent technology into the retail industry, by connecting the offline and online sphere.
Weezmo is an AI-driven marketing platform, analyzing online behavioural patterns gathered from offline consumers, and translating it into actionable insights. The inventive technology re-engages in-store consumers by devising marketable actions on an intuitive dashboard that encourages omni-channel utilization. This facilitates accurate and impactful marketing spending. We provide companies with the tools to meet the end consumer at the right time and in the right place.
Weezmo empowers retailers of all sizes, with personalized, actionable insights oriented at increasing re-engagement and revenue.

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The importance of offline and online connectivity

Today marketers are having a hard time tracking offline activity. This leaves huge gaps in knowledge of the consumer journey, making marketing efforts inaccurate and not effective.
Complementing both online and offline spheres with data that connects the retailer to a full image of the consumer’s behaviour, allowing brands to provide a precise personal experience.
Yet, the elusive data-driven marketing approach is encompassing and difficult to cultivate in practical terms such as gathering relevant data and analyzing it. This makes marketers feel incompetent.
Weezmo’s solutions legitimizes marketing plans by democratizing big data into feasible actions.