Why Us

Integrating the online and offline experience

Weezmo is allowing brands to measure the most essential and allusive parameter of marketing impact - offline sales and behaviours. The algorithm then connects users’ profiles to their specific online conversation, helping marketers to truly KNOW their customers and achieve their KPIs.

Zero-Party Data & GDPR Compliant

The rise of privacy awareness coined the phrase Zero-Party Data, where consumers WANT to share their information with retailers. Today, 64% of consumers prefer retailers save their history and preferences, as long as they offer product personalization.

Customized Digital Receipt

Create your own digital receipt to convey your brand’s character, enable a personalized user experience and encourage customer engagement with more than 40 easily added features, using Weezmo CMS.

No-hassle Integration

7 minute installation



All retailers

ISO 27018 & ISO 27001

Weezmo service is certified for ISO 27018 & ISO 27001 compliant, which means that with no known end to this crisis, and frantic cyber teams everywhere