Our services

Stay connected to your customers by integrating online and offline activity


Use Weezmo’s data tools to drive sales. Discover terms and buying behaviour,
analyse patterns, and offer NBO based on deep understanding of consumers.

98% of marketers are working to merge offline and online marketing

13% increased conversation by understating and providing for the customer

CPC & CPM do not influence ROI

These do not provide a complete view on marketing impact. Unite valuable data and let Weezmo analyze to make sure the correct parameters are being measured and utilized properly to maximize success.

Receipt - More than meets the eye

Empowering brands by providing interactive digital receipts, thus increasing consumer retention and loyalty. Through this, Weezmo receives access to the client’s activity on various online channels and is able to learn about their interests and consumer buyer behaviours.

Implementing insights

In the creation of the Weezmo dashboard, we utilized cutting-edge machine-learning based algorithms to recognize patterns with consumers’ behaviours. These are showcased in the dashboard.

But we are not stopping there

Weezmo’s AI-driven platform will analyze data and propose the right offer to the specific customer, just at the right time.

Weezmo is making retailers aware of their consumers’ behaviour, both offline and online, so they can fulfil their wants and needs.