January 11, 2022
Shai Raiten

The New Way to Measure Campaign Success

Marketing experts are known as early adopters, always trying to stay on top of new technologies, techniques, and trends. They continuously search for new ways to get closer with their target audience, trigger interest, create a buzz and ultimately - sell more.  

To do all of that, there is a wealth of data from online organic and paid campaign efforts – Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Website. Every click is measured and tracked. Every word is A/B tested. The customer journey is fairly clear. The sales’ attributions are clear.

But that’s not the case with offline in-store data. Marketers are often left in the dark when it comes to associating online efforts with offline sales. The ROIs are vague, given the disconnect between the budget spent and the return – which are store visits and purchases, not clicks. The campaigns’ efficiency also deteriorates since there are no facts to help improve lagging campaigns. As a result, CMOs cannot demonstrate the impact of their digital marketing strategy on the in-store revenue and therefore can't justify additional online ad spend.

Sounds familiar?

Running 3 different campaigns to parents of 3-year-olds may lead to more sales in that category. But which of the 3 is most successful, triggering actual store visits?  Using A/B testing that takes into account in-store sales, provides a more accurate picture.

How important is offline attribution?

Knowledge IS power. By connecting a specific sale to its source of origin, and tracking the consumer journey, you can:

·        Invest resources accurately, where the place of impact

·        Optimize more touchpoints within your customer'sjourney

·        Guide customers to the next purchase

Unlocking the power of in-store data.

Offline attribution – now made simple with Weezmo

Our secret lays in the digital receipt. When the buyer receives the digital receipt, we can connect the two worlds. Now you can get a full view of customer purchase journey through both the in-store and online receipts and leverage the information to measure and grow marketing ROI.

Each digital receipt opens a new communication channel betweenthe retailer and buyer. In a personalized and tailored way. This includes:

1.  Personalized promotions, leading buyers to their next purchase

2.  Tailored interactions, building brand loyalty

3.  Optimized tracking options

If you are a marketing early adopter, and wish to stay in-line with change, make sure to watch our webinar on the topic. Our experts demonstrate how in-store data can help marketers optimize their existing online campaigns and reach more than 20X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

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Shai Raiten


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