December 1, 2021
Shai Raiten

The Future Of Marketing Actionable Insights

We are in a world that is digitally evolving, and for this reason, we are technically motivated to working towards the achievement of a more tech-class environment. Many businesses incur considerable expenses in marketing their services, and at the end of the day they end up making losses instead of profits. Most businesses are struggling to gain more customers, who can check on their products more than once. In attempts to reduce the gap for businesses between the online marketing and acquiring customers who operate offline, Weezmo as a company has become the solution. Different platforms are being used just like the ads that we experience every day in google and Facebook about businesses, but still that doesn’t become the solution to the niche in the market. Our company has an ability of tracking the ads, in combination with the high technology that we have formulated to ensure that the offline customers obtain the online content from businesses that is always in terms of ads and links.

According to research, it is not at all times that you can get the consumers online, and therefore it is not guaranteed that they will get access to the information that might only be available online. Most business also experience a high number of anonymous customers who cannot be termed as the loyal business customers and therefore businesses need to device ways of making such customers come back to shop again. Businesses have to get ways of reaching such customers and make them return to the business stores in the future shopping. It is unclear on the ways the business can use to achieve since despite the fact that it might employ high loyalty tools for its customers, it is not possible to cover all the customers that are new and not termed as loyal to the business then. Most digital campaigns by businesses are run through the use of loyalty data. Although, this happens not to be satisfactory in capturing all the data since many customers might not be loyal. Weezmo company comes into aid through the transformation of the data that is available for the customers and businesses. The number of customers that could be reached by a digital campaign is therefore taken care of by the company which ensures that information from all platforms is available for the customers as well as the business. Therefore, Weezmo has created a platform for the identification, monitoring, and analysis of the customer behavior and ensuring that the right offer is available to the consumers at the best time.

Businesses are making digital campaigns, and other customer access through email ads and sms. Unfortunately, such services and platforms are only beneficial to the loyal customers who have access to the business platforms always. Quite a number of customers rely mostly on offline messages for their communication. Offline messages have been used for quite a long time, but since the fall of 2016, we are working towards changing the criteria of this communication so that people cannot only obtain offline communication but also get access to the online stuff. We have produced a dashboard that consumers can use to make their offline messages and come to think of them as online messages. Most business people need to get data from their customers so that it can be a way of improving their activities and service delivery. Most conversations from customers are in most cases offline and their businesses people need to get ways to obtain this data. Besides, if a method is found for making available this form of data, then you are set to go. In this dashboard, the data that is associated with offline conversations need to be added with some specific information, and it is then available for the online marketing platform. Weezom has come up with different ways of ensuring that the data is available through various methods. For instance, Weezmo uses real-time feed of the offline data to make it possible for online consumption. There are different types of data which have to be handled differently so that they can be handy. The different types are event descriptors and identifiers. Data is obtained from various sources, and therefore the source of the data must meet some criteria for making the data available.

Retailers no longer need to worry about how the tracking of the offline to online conversations should be done. Marketers need discrete ways in the monitoring of distinct actions and as a digital marketer Weezmo has identified several ways that such a process can be accomplished. The dashboard that has been created can track online marketing to offline sales becoming a best method for doing offline measurements. Weezmo has enhanced the online marketing through the tracking the estimated store visits from the CPC or CPM. From this, the customers can get what they want online and therefore be able to get what they want. From the digital campaign, there is a system that enables the importation of the offline conversations that start with a CPC or CPM. Additionally, there are call tracking services for the clients who might be interested in any service and thereafter some coupons are available for any customer that happens to be loyal.

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Shai Raiten


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