December 1, 2021
Shai Raiten

How To Make The Most Of Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts

Like it or not, almost 90% of the paper receipts that are produced end up in the trash can. Paper receipts are critically environmental unfriendly. Quoting Lord MacLaurin, who invested in the Paperless Receipt Firm; paper receipts are practically environmentally damaging and even very onerous for the consumers to basically store them safely. Statistically, it has been proved that the rate of actual consumption of trees to make papers has retrogressively increased by 400% just for the past 40 years. Lately, 35% of the whole population of trees has been cut down to make papers. This is a great threat to humans, as global warming engulfs the globe. Seemingly; 4 billion trees are being cut down every year to make papers. In other words, it can be seen that over 2.47 million trees are being cut down on daily basis to make papers worldwide.  Rhetorically, it takes about 15 trees to produce just a single ton of paper. Similarly, in America, 640,000 tons of paper are needed yearly hence equating to 9.6 million trees that are cut down.

On the other hand, it can be noted that Electronic Receipts, is the best way to go so as to evade polluting the environment that is in the real sense becoming harmful to people’s health. Through the electronic receipts, customers are able to be sent notifications, for instance; through their emails, of their particular purchases hence not essentially receiving the paper receipts that are in this case archaic and tiresome to critically handle. As a proof, it is clear through the investigations done that; most customers want e-receipts. In this case, there are those retailers that have already adapted to the new developments like Mothercare, Accessorize, and also Selfridges. Crucially, those retailers that have not purely upheld the digital receipts transformation, they can be enlightened that comprehensively, Weezmo software has the actual solution for all these uncertainties since it basically works on any POS. In addition, there is neither Configuration nor Integration that is required; hence the system allows one to work within a very short while. Apprehensively, Weezmo Digital Receipts is a customer engagement kind of platform that in this case allows one to realistically keep and build the exact best experience that makes customers enjoy. Also, the Weezmo Digital Receipts allow retailers to engage flamboyantly with the customers through the 40 updated features.

Further, research has it that almost 45% of shoppers in America, want to get the electronic receipts when essentially buying items in the stores. Subsequently, 41% of the same customers do not concurrently get the e-receipts as their wishes are. In other words, this is a clear depiction that Weezmo has the actual potential to implement the digital system for the retails so that their respective customers can basically enjoy the transition. Digital receipts, practically reduce the tendency of carrying paper receipts in pockets and wallets that later het lost hence literary not having a clear wary.

Truly, by offering digital receipts companies are significantly able to ask for the customers’ emails as opposed to the tendency of plainly asking their emails so as to send promotional emails only. Equally, it is quite important to note that through the e-receipts; almost 64% of the customers are in fact able to access and see more marketing content that could have not been accessed through the paper receipts in America. Therefore, through the e-receipts; retailers are able to engage one on one with the customers, hence knowing the actual brands that their customers like as they make regular purchases. Simply, the retailers are able to understand and master the market wants and scale at large

In conclusion, through the e-receipts, retailers are able to persuade their customers to sign up for extra additional content in relation to their regular purchases. On the same note, retailers are able track their customers in fact across all channels through or via the complex technologies. The retailers are retrogressively able to identify their customers; whether they make purchases online, purchase in-store, or even on mobile. Undoubtedly, it is quite circumspect to note that e-receipts are just more than a digital receipt, courtesy of Weezmo.

Shai Raiten


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