December 1, 2021
Shai Raiten

Can Marketers Really Measure Offline ROI?

Marketers understand the need for insights across their marketing mix that can help them better optimize their efforts and measure the impact of their marketing spend. While digital efforts offer a variety of metrics that can be analyzed to optimize marketing spend, measuring offline, or in-store conversion ROI is markedly more challenging, but equally necessary to calculate a true ROI of a campaign.

For marketers today, focusing solely on digital success metrics is only a part of the equation. Modern marketing is complex, and in order to truly understand which marketing spends are truly driving in-store visits and increased revenue, marketers need insights that provide a full picture of the omni-channel advertising that consumers engage with.

Today, marketers are leveraging techniques and technology that can’t provide the level of quality insights needed to understand offline media’s role in driving ROI. All too often, marketers rely on models that provide high-level insights like time-limited attribution, vanity URLs, or surveys.

These methods leave much of the offline ROI attribution process to the assumptions of the individual marketer. The lack of specific, actionable insights developed using these methods has marketers questioning whether or not they can effectively measure their offline ROI.

Integrating Online and Offline Data for ROI Measurement

Weezmo Offline Measurement solution provides B&M Retailers with the ability to close the loop between a digital campaign and physical purchase, and we made it seamless!

How To Get Started?

All you need to do is to connect your Weezmo account to Facebook, Google or any other ad platform and we will do the work from here.

In 24 hours we’ll start getting live metrics on your campaign performance and adjust the campaign in real-time.

Please contact Account Manager today to see how Weezmo Offline Measurement can add to your campaign ROI.

Shai Raiten


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