When can we implement Weezmo?
Weezmo can be installed on any POS in less than 7 minutes. Contact us to learn more.

Does Weezmo require any hardware?
Weezmo is a software solution and does not require any additional hardware.

Is Weezmo GDPR compliant?
Weezmo was designed with GDPR in mind. Data is collected only if consent is given. You can build opt-in forms easily to make sure you are GDPR compliant.

How can we use Weezmo to grow our customer base?
With Weezmo, you can grow your online target audience quickly and with high accuracy. Feed your marketing tools with Weezmo's target audience data and build high quality lookalike audiences to grow your customer base.

How can Weezmo help generate more revenue from existing customers(repeat sales)?
Weezmo leverages artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to recognize individual patterns and behaviors. As a result, you get a deeper understanding of who your customers are and which products will make them return to your store. The NBO (Next Best Offer) algorithm enables you to create personalized and relevant offers that can be used to trigger your customers’ next purchases.
Weezmo's backoffice then shows you the progress you make in quantity, frequency, and value of your return customers' purchases.

Can Weezmo be integrated with Marketing Automation Software?
You can feed Weezmo's data into any Marketing Automation Software using our plug-ins.

How does Weezmo help measure which online activity brought customers into our stores?
In the Weezmo backoffice, you have real-time access to the in-store revenue generated by each of the online advertisement channels. You can then drill down into the details by ad. This enables you to optimize your ad spend not only based on impressions and clicks, but also by the revenue generated in each of your stores.

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