See how your online marketing drives in-store sales

Weezmo connects in-store transactions with online marketing activities, enabling retailers to measure the ROI of online advertising.

Digital Receipts
Easy to use Backoffice
Online-to-Offline (O2O)
Optimized Tracking
Quick Installation
Data Connectors
Data Privacy
Personal Recommendations

Design your receipts
Provide your customers with interactive digital receipts via SMS or email and increase engagement, retention, and loyalty. Enable a personalized experience and encourage customer engagement across various online channels.

Easy to use backoffice
The Weezmo backoffice is your all-in-one interface to design receipts, connect data, and collect insights. The backoffice leverages AI and deep learning powered algorithms to classify customer profiles based on sales data. With Weezmo's customer profiles, you can build target audiences for in- store visitors to increase repeat store visits and to build lookalike audiences to target new customers.

Data connectors
Leverage insights from Weezmo and connect the data with marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Eloqua, Klaviyo, Hubspot, Magento and more. Connect your marketing tools and feed them with the insights from Weezmo to grow your business with repeat sales and lookalike audiences.

Online-to-offline attribution
By tracking in-store and online purchases with Weezmo, you see the 360° view of your customers' journey, enabling you to measure and grow the ROI of your online marketing efforts, to enact the biggest impact possible on your retail stores. Weezmo's ROPO (research online, purchase offline) analysis provides you with actionable insights from your customers’ journey across their online interaction with your brand and connects it with their in-store transactions.

Personal recommendations (NBO)
Increase sales with Weezmo's NBO (Next Best Offer) AI algorithm. NBO utilizes predictive analytics to recognize individual patterns and behaviors.It then creates personalized and relevant offers that can be used to trigger the customers' next purchase. NBO can be implemented on the receipt itself or on any other marketing activity, like email marketing or ads.

Data privacy
Weezmo is certified as ISO 27018 & ISO 27001 and therefore complies with the standards for information security and personal data protection in the cloud.

Quick installation

7 minute installation



All retailers

Optimized tracking
Weezmo's ability to connect data points and re-target customers is based on identifiers that do not rely on cookies. Therefore, Weezmo is not impaired when cookie tracking is restricted.

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