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Boost your omni-channel strategy by connecting in-store and online data.

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Boost your omni-channel strategy by connecting in-store and online data.

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Our Story

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Weezmo offers retailers a unique AI-based marketing solution using interactive, digital receipts. The platform delivers actionable insights, enabling retailers to increase engagement, maximize conversions, grow revenue and see more returning customers.

Get a 360° view of your sales online and offline!


Weezmo collects your customers' in-store and online sales data, connecting their buying profile with their online identity, enabling you to further develop your digital customer relationships.


Increase your customer engagement beyond the purchase: Leverage Weezmo's interactive, digital receipts to engage and interact with videos, coupons, games, surveys, and more.


Target your customers online and leverage Weezmo's artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to personalize communication on multiple channels.
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Key Benefits
Plug & play installation on any POS
Without any need for complex integrations.
Re-target customers with personalized content
Increase sales by utilizing smart data from both in-store and online behavior to target the right customers with the right offers.
Engage with your customers everywhere
Generate surveys, connect to social media, get ratings and feedback.    
Bring customers to your store
Leverage Weezmo's powerful targeting tools to reach your in-store customers online and increase repeat store visits.  
Reveal the online-to-offline
customer journey
With our ROPO (research online, purchase offline) analysis and Offline Attribution you can monitor and accelerate the customer journey from online to offline and measure your exact ROAS.
Brand your digital receipt
Powerful and flexible receipt builder to easily add images, videos, coupons, and links.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The transition to digital invoices has contributed greatly to the company, but the main contribution is to the environment, the transition to digital invoices has reduced the use of paper receipts by 95%!

WEEZMO is a strategic partner for the Match Retail family and there is no doubt that every customer they choose to work with will be satisfied.

Ronit Gottfried - Nissani, Marketing Manager at Match Retail H&M

“Once Weezmo launched their technology with us we experienced a spike in our return customer numbers.
Our overall sales numbers per buyer grew by 25% in 3 months.”

Udi Shamai - President Tabasco Holdings ltd (Pizza Hut)

Since launching the combined technology operations with WEEZMO in 2019, we have been treated with professional and prompt service, responding to all our requests in a courteous and tolerant manner.

Lilach Flato - Customer Experience Manager at Match Retail H&M

“With Weezmo we witnessed immediate significant increase of 36% in Survey filling”

“It’s a wonderful solution which easily enables to interact with our customers and increase conversion dramatically.“

Inbal Stern – Marketing Manager, PizzaHut

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